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Sup! I'm Jumpe and I am a double major English and History student at BSU.

It’s not really art but I got animal crossing yesterday and now I can’t stop making clothes.

That ova changed my life also this was cuter in me head.
Quick sketch of one of my favorite Homestuck Ladies.
Happy 4.13 friends.
Oh Fey sweetie :(([I just wanna draw her in cute clothes.]
Darling Armin, So Smart, So SweetDarling Armin, Preacher of Deceit
Poor Fey I was rooting for her the whole time :(((I know numbers came out a while ago but I can’t stop listening to it. It’s my favorite episode so far.)
This was really fun and now it’s my icon
It’s hella springy out and i watched Bee and Puppy today. I love pink and green together. 
might possibly give these stickers out to people at AB on sunday.

I am hoping to be more regular in art updates and I’ll be keeping updates when I’ll post or when I won’t be. also probs take some request if you tweet at me. (if thats how it works, I am not sure how twitter works)