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Sup! I'm Jumpe and I am a double major English and History student at BSU.

That ova changed my life also this was cuter in me head.
Quick sketch of one of my favorite Homestuck Ladies.
Happy 4.13 friends.
Oh Fey sweetie :(([I just wanna draw her in cute clothes.]
Darling Armin, So Smart, So SweetDarling Armin, Preacher of Deceit
Poor Fey I was rooting for her the whole time :(((I know numbers came out a while ago but I can’t stop listening to it. It’s my favorite episode so far.)
This was really fun and now it’s my icon
It’s hella springy out and i watched Bee and Puppy today. I love pink and green together. 
might possibly give these stickers out to people at AB on sunday.

I am hoping to be more regular in art updates and I’ll be keeping updates when I’ll post or when I won’t be. also probs take some request if you tweet at me. (if thats how it works, I am not sure how twitter works)


Character designs for a thing. My teacher told me to make Dimitri into a girl so then I made Tamika. Probs gonna change her name but for now Tamika or Persephone